Half Asleep

by The City View

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released February 13, 2017

Trumpet on "53'" by Mark Bacigalupo



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The City View Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Wanamassa
Inside my thoughts I'm fueling...
Outside the rain I heard her say "don't need to hear your 'woe is me' today"
I don't wanna see it so I look away....

Everyone I've ever loved feels so far away
Everything I've ever done feels so far away
Track Name: Free Thinker's Club
We sleep at night and we dream dreams that we forget
We hold on tight unsure of every step and breath
We look for light but in dark my two palms sweat
I look for life, I pray to God just to forget

You call my phone I say hello
I say I'm fine, but you don't know
You say you're fine, but I don't know
I think we're lying, maybe we don't know

All these lies I tell myself, new everyday
To think that anyone has any time to ever change
From no ill will or disdain do we refrain
We never change, "new everyday", we rearrange...

You call my phone I say hello
You call me out but I don't go
You pray for rain, long for the cold
I hope that you never go

You call and I don't answer anymore
Track Name: Heart Contact
Sitting in the room, you use a match for candlelight
There across the room you cast a glance and pour some wine
"My heart don't feel a thing but I am feeling just fine..."
My heart don't feel a thing but maybe you could have mine....

Sitting in the room and we drink to pass the time
Sitting in the room I realize I lost time
My heart don't feel a thing but I am feeling just fine
I should probably bring you home, but I don't wanna drive

Heart Contact

Used it for a rush, and now I fucked it up
My mind is hard to trust, but I wanna feel your love
Enough is not enough, at least not now for us
Believe me when I say enough is not enough

I don't wanna run, I don't wanna stay, I've been feeling numb, I hope you're okay
You told me love's a lie, but you know I'm gonna try heart contact

Heart Contact
Track Name: Tomb
I don't think you miss me much
I don't think you care at all
You watch the shadows on the wall
You're a different animal...
I'm all ears till the fall
I'm just hoping I repress it all
Perfect day for a hospital
Perfect day to go for a walk

Walk on the graves in the night, I don't mean to disrespect (I heard the dead stay dead)
It's hard to feel real in the light, it's hard to feel real in my head (I think I speak for all my friends)

What's a little white lie?
I know I read between the lines
What's love if I'm fighting
I'm seeing this is one sided
Track Name: Wish You Well
I'm afraid that Heaven's cold, now I'm scared as hell
You wish I'd leave and I know you do
I only wish you well
False altruist but it's falling like a coin in a wishing well
I wish the thought of time was calming, happiness only comes in spells

Sleep for a day, drive far away, straight down the interstate
Coins in a wishing well making our fate
I would leave right now but it's late...
Every excuse I can make I'll make, so I know I'll stay....

You think it's all your fault that I don't like myself anymore
You're on your way, I'm half asleep, I'll meet you at the door
You don't need to forgive me, you don't need to apologize
I wish I had it all in me, the hope to recognize.....

Sleep for a day
Drive far away
Track Name: 53'
It's how you hate like a rat in the trash in the night
You see yourself in a million black holes in the sky
You stroll around looking for anything but hope
You wanna change but you're drunk and you smell like smoke

If you did this you could be someone
You're drifting, lost, and searching like someone
It's not the same, how could you be so sure?
I'm not sure about anything anymore

What's it take to be so sure?
What's it take to be so pure?
Track Name: The Hallway
I've been trying to forgive, but I'm getting pretty good at forgetting
I've been trying to love, but I've been getting pretty good at hiding
I've been trying to give, but I've been getting pretty good at trying
I've been trying to be fine, I never was too good at lying

In the hallway talking to myself it always turns out like this
All this laughing with my friends, it's only for a show of hands
I'm not saying that I'm faking, only that it seems I ain't there
Scratch my skin to bone, nothing's set in stone but the day you die and the day you're born
(In the hallway talking to myself it always turns out like this)

Feels like I'm not there, seems like you're not there
Feels like you don't care, I don't care....
Track Name: Pitch Black Magic
Dance right, I'm here
Come close, don't fear
You're right, I'm wrong
I'm left with your song

Witch house, curses, pitch black magic....

Follow my lead
I'm blind as you can see
There's no light here
Pitch black, don't fear

There's no light here, pitch black, don't fear....
Track Name: Smokey Quartz
I could live with just me, but you've got me pulled deep underwater, drowning
Still stuck just like you found me
Nothing's ever like our dreams, so sleep it all away
I can see it in your face, weeks just feel like days

I miss you and the innocence when I was young
I miss believing new chances come with every sun
I miss believing we're still bound tight around with love
I miss believing everyone's still bound around tight with love
Track Name: Frida Kahlo
I'm a ghost in disguise
I've got X's for eyes
I've got half a mind
I've got X's for eyes
Track Name: By You
That's pretty ugly of you
It's pretty ugly of me too
I said 'the sky is falling down, there's nothing we can do'
That's pretty ugly of me
That's pretty ugly of you too
You set my world on fire, yeah you doused it in the truth
Truth burns to soot everything I knew
And puts me in my place right underneath you on the pedestal
Damn these streets of gold, I'd rather have your soul

I don't wanna feel better, I just wanna feel nothing
Try to think of who to blame, 10 fingers aimed at me
Staring at the sea, in a cloud of disbelief
Abyss in front of me till breath and shadows flee

I don't wanna talk it out, I just wanna turn it off
I don't believe anyone's "found", 6 billion people lost
Staring at the cross, I'm not the salt
It's all my fault, you're only a part